Ani bot is designed to be an AI help desk for a small company.

How does it work?

Like a regular chat bot the user asks a question. The question is examined electronically, a personalised database is consulted for the best response. The response is then filtered via a large language model to deliver an understandable written answer.

Why would I want to locate a chatbot on my website?

Websites are in operation 24-hour is a day, customers are viewing pages and considering booking/buying at non business operational times. An AI chatbot can answer questions about your products and business in real time and help the customer to the finish line at any time of the day.

Why does a chatbot benefit your company?

It will save employee time answering repetitive questions. It will increase employee happiness not being bogged down in responding to repetitive questions. It will increase customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs to benefit the company’s bottom line.

Try for yourself.

Imagine you are making an inquiry regarding booking a bicycle tour or hiring a bicycle.